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In order to improve the staff's production process technology and staff quality training, our company often organizes various training, specialized knowledge and technical training for relevant departments.Such as quality management training, production process training, staff quality training, sales skills learning, etc.For the basic staff, the management becomes the staff, the technical department, the Marketing Department, the financial personnel characteristic and the demand organization does not regularly study and train. 

---Marketing staff training:

In order to improve the operation ability of the marketing staff and improve the accuracy of the business, Every Friday, the company arranges employees to go out for various trainings,such as Alibaba, Google, made-in-china and other well-known websites trainings.

---Management training:

In order to improve the ability of our management staff, our company often organize various management training. Management training enables business executives, team leaders, professional managers have more excellent management skills, making the organization more efficient development. Management training can help enterprises get management methods to change the business management and management of some deficiencies, business management is a centralized management of people, money, materials, information and so on, the development of enterprises, the community is also developing, Knowledge, skills and other aspects have to change, which also requires management training to guide the business.


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